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From A to Generation Z

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Generation Z is becoming an increasingly potent market segment. Born after 1995, the cohort’s oldest members are graduating college and entering adulthood. For independent retailers, it’s important to know how to court Generation Z and capture ongoing sales from this customer demographic.

The National Retail Federation and the IBM Institute for Business Value recently studied Generation Z’s unique traits and published their findings in the What Do Gen Z Shoppers Really Want? study.

Gen Z customers grew up online and expect accurate inventory information and engaging social media content from the brands they support. More than one-quarter of respondents spend five or more hours on their smartphones each day.

Applied to Retail
Independent retailers should target Generation Z customers in stores and online. Although they are digital natives, they also love shopping at brick-and-mortar shops in person.

The key to this demographic may be social media. By investing in social media that entertains and attracts young customers, retailers can build brand familiarity and encourage Gen Z shoppers to visit their brick-and-mortar stores when they’re ready to shop. See Page 76 to learn how one retailer gained a following on Instagram.

Source: What Do Gen Z Shoppers Really Want?, National Retail Federation and IBM Institute for Business Value


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