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Four Items to Heat Up Sales in Your Cooling Category

The hot, humid days mean your customers will be looking for ways to stay cool. Here are four products that can boost sales in your cooling category this season.

Air circulators

Unlike the traditional tabletop fan that moves air in a single direction, air circulators move air around an entire room. These products are also more expensive than traditional fans, so train your employees on their benefits so they can upsell.


This ductless heat pump system can provide hot or cold air and is perfect for cooling an individual room. The mini-split is less expensive to operate than a gas furnace because it operates on electricity. Installing one is also not a project most do-it-yourselfers will tackle. Have a list of recommended installers that you can give your customers.

Repair items

Many homeowners, in order to save money, are more likely to repair their air conditioners themselves rather than hire someone. Make sure you have some universal repair parts on hand. Offer this as a point of differentiation between yourself and the big boxes, as most of them either do not carry repair parts or have a limited offering.

Wi-Fi thermostats

Programmable thermostats can save consumers money in the summer as much as in the winter. The latest development in this product is Wi-Fi control capabilities. Consumers can control the temperature of their homes from their smartphones or tablets. To best show your customer how it works, install one of the thermostats in your home and show your customers how you can control your home’s temperature from your store with the smartphone app.

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