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Employees Honor the Company’s Heritage Through Photos

The staff at Burney True Value Hardware recently reimagined the first six decades of the store’s history through elaborately staged photographs of different time periods and events.

The team has been celebrating the store’s 100th anniversary throughout the year, and one of the most creative ways has been through using costumes, antique tools, old signage and other props to depict each decade for a photographer to document.

“We had already staged a photo of our crew in 1921 garb to celebrate our 90th birthday in 2011,” co-owner Kristy Ransdell says. “We wanted to recreate the ‘30s through the ‘70s to help imagine some of what life was like during those times.”

Employees tried to be as accurate as possible with costumes and used knowledge of Burney’s history as reference when staging scenes in the store representing each decade.

For example, during World War II, Burney Hardware served as a collecting station for scrap metal so citizens could help with the war effort. The current employees tried to recreate a scene in the store that reflected the time period, scrap metal collecting and all.

Staff members posted the historic-looking photos on Facebook throughout the month of September for customers to enjoy leading up to the store’s anniversary party and sale planned for Oct. 8-9.

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