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5 Must-Have Electrical Tools for DIYers

For your DIY customers who are brave enough to tackle electrical projects, provide them with the basics they’ll need to get the job done with these must-have tools necessary for any DIY electrical project. Access NHPA’s Academy for Retail Development Project PRO online training program for more project-based resources. 

Circuit or voltage tester. A circuit or voltage tester checks the power is turned off to a source and assures you can safely proceed with repairs. 

Lineman pliers. With several different functions in one tool, lineman pliers allow you to grip, twist, cut, pull, crimp and bend wires. 

Electrical tape. Used to cover and insulate wires, electrical tape is specially made of plastic vinyl to easily adhere to wires. 

Insulated screwdriver. Made with special handles that safeguard against electrical sparks, an insulated screwdriver protects against electrocution. 

Flashlight. Once the power is off, a flashlight provides much-needed light to see what you’re doing while you work.

Learn more about helping your customers tackle common DIY electrical projects with the right electrical tools and tips here.  

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