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Eco-Friendly Opportunities With PaintCare

For many retailers across the country, partnering with a national recycling initiative has enabled them to offer new services and gain new clientele.

For Greg and Kari Carlson, who own Carlson Do it Best in Nisswa, Minnesota, national paint recycling organization PaintCare has enabled them to become a reliable recycling partner to their community. Read more about the Carlson’s experience with PaintCare and their in-store recycling program in the April issue of Hardware Retailing.

PaintCare is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates in eight states and the District of Columbia. Founded a decade ago, the organization aims to plan and oversee paint stewardship programs in regions that have applicable laws.

Under the program, home improvement and paint stores can sign up to become recognized paint drop-off facilities. Customers can simply bring their leftover paints to participating businesses, who will then dispose of the paint in manners approved by PaintCare to be environmentally safe.

For many retailers, becoming a PaintCare drop-off facility has enabled them to connect with customers who prioritize eco-friendly practices, says Brett Rodgers, director of communications for the company.

“PaintCare has partnered with a lot of retail stores to provide paint drop-off points to the public,” he says. “Having our drop-off locations mostly located in retail spaces is really is really convenient for the customer. In many cases, they can drop off their unused paint at those stores six or seven days a week during regular business hours in a centralized location.”

According to Rodgers, around 10 percent of all goes to waste in the U.S. He says the organization aims to help retailers and their customers understand how to properly measure the amount of paint projects will require to reduce leftover paint. In total, Rodgers says PaintCare has collected more than 30 million gallons of paint from retailers.

For retailers who want to learn more about PaintCare and possibly become a paint drop-off location for their community, Rodgers encourages you to visit the official PaintCare website. Even if the organization doesn’t operate in their region, Rodgers says there are still things they can do to learn more.

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