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Create a Tailgate Display for Any Season

As summer approaches and your customers make plans to go on camping excursions, trips to the beach or spend hours watching their kids’ T-ball tournaments, now is the time to get all of your tailgating products in prominent view.

If you set up a tailgate display only in the fall, think about the sales you could be missing out on in the spring and summer.

No matter what season you decide to promote tailgating, consider the sports fans and outdoor entertainment in your area. If there are specific teams your customers prefer, get your hands on some gear they can proudly wear or display. From T-shirts to tents to decorative bowls, the amount of branded items you offer is up to you.

When you approach tailgating in the off-season, you have the opportunity to highlight the products and fun times your customers can have all year long. Remember, successfully executed tailgate parties include the following: food, drinks and entertainment. With that in mind, showcase all the products your store carries that fit under these categories in a tailgate display.

If you have a tailgating tent, use that as your focal point. Set it up in the front of the store, near your lawn and garden or, in for your grill selection, out on the sidewalk, if the weather permits. Once you have your tent set up, gather items like a grill, portable seats and tables, coolers and any games you may carry, such as a bag-toss board, or housewares items that give your display a finishing touch.

To kick it up a notch, consider bringing in a speaker system and have music playing, whether it’s the local sports team’s fight song or just a loop of fun tunes. If you have space outside your store and the weather cooperates, consider creating your own tailgate on a busy shopping day. Offer free hot dogs and bottled water and pass out store-branded products like T-shirts, coozies and magnets.

Whatever you do, consider the opportunity to cross-merchandise products from many categories that fit in with your tailgate display.

For an extra push, share photos on Facebook, showing consumers that your store has all the tailgating supplies needed for pre-concert tailgates and even family reunions.

For information on how other retailers have successfully incorporated the tailgating category into their operation, read this article from the April issue of Hardware Retailing. Don’t forget to download the Tailgate Selling Guide for even more tips on how to sell this fun category!

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