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Can’t-Miss Chicken Care Products

According to the American Pet Product Association’s 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, ownership of backyard chickens increased from eight percent in 2018 to 13 percent in 2020. As ongoing issues like COVID-19 have caused consumers to become uncertain about the future, raising chickens has become a popular practice to enhance self-reliance and sustainability. Discover what products to stock in your operation to become a one-stop shop for chicken care. 

Chicks. The first four to eight weeks of a chicken’s life require special care. Chicks must be kept in a box with soft bedding, heat and easy access to food and water. Brinsea’s EcoGlow Safety 600 Chick Brooder is a safe, convenient heat source option to stock for your customers. Woods’ 10.5 In. Brooder Clamp Light is a lower-priced, classic option to raise chicks. 

Coops. Chickens require coops and run spaces. Coops can be fabricated with various materials and come in different sizes that correlate to brood size and species. An all-inclusive option to stock for your customers is Omlets’ Eglu Cube®, which includes a feeder, drinker and nesting bars for any chickens’ needs and user-friendly features like simple clean up, easy-access doors and wheeled legs for increased mobility. A more economical option for customers is PawHut’s Wooden Chicken Coop, which includes a nesting box, an enclosed run space and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning.  

Food. Like all living things, chickens require sustenance to survive. Chicks require starter feed like Purina®’s Start & Grow® and layer feed like Purina®’s Layena® Crumbles once they mature. Consider stocking treats like MannaPro’s Mealworm Munchies®  as well. 

Cleaning. An undesirable but necessary task, cleaning is an important aspect of chicken care. Merchandise your operation’s shovels, like Bully Tools’ 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel, and spading forks, like Ames’ 4-Tine Forged Spading Fork, near your chicken supplies to increase add-on sales. Make sure to stock bedding material such as hay or pine shavings for optimal chicken comfort and easy clean-up. 

Accessories. Hanging feeders and waterers are important accessories to stock for customers who purchase coops that don’t include these items. Royal Rooster’s Chicken Feeder & Drinker Set overcomes feed wastage problems, includes a rain cover and has hooks for easy installation. Consider stocking other accessories like Thimble Works’ Rise and Shine Egg Collecting Apron for added fun. 

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