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Bringing on Technology

3 Best Practices for Bringing on Technology

While you may understand the importance of adding technology to your operation to become more efficient and profitable, knowing where to start implementing new technologies can be intimidating. Eric Hassett, owner of Hassett Hardware, which has five stores in the Bay Area of California that each use different levels of technology, shares tips to guide retailers on the path to tech.


stay in your comfort zone

Hassett recommends only bringing in the technology that makes sense for your operation, not just what’s the latest and greatest. Consider your employees’ comfort levels for using the technology and whether it will actually improve your business and better serve customers.


explain the why

Anytime Hassett introduces a new technology, he explains to his employees how it will allow them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively and how it solves a problem they face.


implement in phases

When possible, Hassett initiates new technology slowly and in increments. For example, with Theatro, a communication platform, he started by training employees on the device, letting them get comfortable with it and then added in tracking performance through the device later.

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