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Blow the Snow Away

The winter months bring snow, ice and unpredictable weather, which means a lot of work for homeowners to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear while keeping themselves safe in the process. Snow blowers make clearing the snow a breeze without the need to bend over or potentially pull a muscle like with standard snow shovels.

The SnowJoe Cordless Snowblower is compact and lightweight and makes clearing smaller amounts of snow off driveways and sidewalks easy and quick. These snowblowers come with a rechargeable battery that has hours of charge to get the job done in one go. 

Powersmart USA also offers cordless gas powered snowblowers, which are designed for larger and heavier amounts of snow, ideal for states that receive more snowfall. Though they are a more expensive investment, having the power to get snow off driveways and sidewalks quickly is a valuable trade-off. 

Craftsman’s line of gas powered snowblowers come with more options such as self-propelled drive, LED headlights and quick chute controls to angle the snow away from the driveway and sidewalks.

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