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Benefits of NRHA Employee Training

The benefits of employee training in the retail industry are numerous. A trained staff affects many aspects of the business, including the quality of customer service, sales numbers, employee satisfaction and much more. Implementing a training program not only positively impacts the storeowner, but employees and customers, too.

At the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA), members receive free access to online training programs that allow them to administer specific and relevant training in their store. Below are the benefits of employee training, along with specific NRHA training programs that can provide the greatest advantage to your business.

Increased Customer Service Levels

A trained employee is a more productive employee with the product knowledge and customer service skills needed to be successful on the sales floor. NRHA’s Basic Training Series provides employees with the product knowledge necessary to sell core hardlines and building materials categories. Additionally, the program teaches how to answer customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Equally important is making a good first impression, dealing with customer complaints and overcoming customer objections, all taught in NRHA’s Selling Skills & Customer Relations.

Increased Sales and Transaction Sizes

In addition to product knowledge, a strong training program will increase the number of items each customer purchases. NRHA’s Project PRO course teaches employees how to approach selling from a project-based perspective. The program trains sales associates how to complete and sell 15 of the most common DIY projects.

Understanding merchandising fundamentals is another factor that can improve sales. Through the Retail Merchandising course, your employees will learn merchandising best practices to ensure that the impact of every display is maximized.

Maintain a Safe, Secure Environment

As an owner, you understand the importance of taking steps to prevent loss in your business. The significance of those measures can be conveyed to your employees through Our Three Pennies of Profit, a training video that helps owners and managers better communicate the fundamental elements of retail profitability to employees. Additionally, the Loss Prevention Series covers internal and external theft and store safety to help storeowners and associates develop a safe and secure environment for staff and customers.

Decreased Employee Turnover

When an employee is well trained, he or she has the confidence and skills necessary to achieve success in their position, which then leads to job satisfaction and increased levels of professionalism. Successful employees are satisfied and will likely stay with your company longer if properly equipped with the industry specific knowledge needed to reach their fullest potential.

For more information on NRHA’s online training programs or to learn about membership, please visit www.nrha.org or call NRHA’s Member Services department at (800) 772-4424.

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