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Barn Look Reflects Store’s Primary Business

Customers who look for fencing and halters for horses at Race Brothers Farm & Home Supply in Carthage, Missouri, get a small reminder of life on the farm as they shop for those products. They walk through the entrance of a barn to get to that area of the family-owned store.

The red and white wooden barn facade installed in the store highlights the store’s strong agricultural emphasis.

Race Brothers staff members built the fake barn front as an entrance to displays of farm gear as a unique store feature, and both employees and customers like it, Roy Mason, vice president and manager of the Carthage store, says.

Race Brothers operates three Missouri stores, and carries farm products such as fencing and cattle handling equipment.

“It just adds the homey feel to it. We did this because the barn very much reflects what we do,” Mason says. “Customers seem to like anything unique, because it’s just something you don’t see in the big-box stores.”

A simple in-store building project is something you, too, could plan as a way to make your store not only stand out from competition, but also to highlight what your business does best.

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