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Lighted Leash

As days get shorter, evening walks can be more hazardous due to low light levels. The Follow-Me Light Leash was designed with an integrated flexible flashlight that follows the angle of the leash, illuminating up to 20 feet in front …

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Flying Disc Toy

Pet owners can redirect their pets’ unwanted energy with a toy like the Coleman Pet Flying Disc. Pets can often get frustrated from lack of exercise or inattention, and they can get upset by new sights and sounds associated with …

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Paw Balm

Dogs’ paws can suffer significant damage from extreme temperatures and rough terrain. Rather than using petroleum-based products to heal and protect these sensitive areas, pamper pooches with an all-natural balm. Baely’s Paw Shield is made from beeswax and dog-friendly plant …

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Pet Supply Carrier

The Pet Pail Pet Supply Carrier includes two removable and two built-in bowls for water and food, two 20-ounce storage bottles and storage space for extra items such as leashes and waste bags. The carrier can also keep fresh food …

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Goat Milk Soap Bars

Bar Soap

Rock Bottom Soap produces a variety of bath products using milk from its herd of Nubian goats. The addition of goat milk allows glycerin to form within the soap, helping to keep skin moisturized. The Goat Milk Soap Bars come …

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Design Trends for the New Year

Whether customers decide to make improvements where they are or go for their dream home, retailers can anticipate growth in building supply sales in 2020. Luxuries—big and small—are trending in both new construction and renovations.   Board and Batten Siding. The …

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Door Guard and Lock

Video doorbells are great for letting users know who may be at the door and for alerting the police in case of break-in, but Door Guard and Lock can help prevent break-ins before they happen. From Geebridge International Inc., this …

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Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf

The trend of replacing upper kitchen cabinets with open shelving continues to gain popularity, especially as consumers desire open, airy spaces in their homes. The Three-Tiers Wall Shelf from Danya B follows this trend and expands it with an iron …

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