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Design Trends for the New Year

Whether customers decide to make improvements where they are or go for their dream home, retailers can anticipate growth in building supply sales in 2020. Luxuries—big and small—are trending in both new construction and renovations.  

Board and Batten Siding. The vertical planks of wood with wood strips over joints make for homey interiors and farmhouse-style exteriors. Inside, board and batten siding is used on ceilings, as wainscoting and as wall coverings, especially in basements. Outside, it’s being used as accents on porches and dormers, as well as siding for full exteriors, adding interest to facades. The look doesn’t seem to be losing steam heading into the new year. Homebuyers are still drawn to the modern farmhouse style and contractors are still building them.    

Destination Bathrooms. At every price point, bathrooms have slowly expanded beyond utilitarian rooms. They’re now packed with modern luxuries like heated floors, rain showers and high-tech ceiling fans with app-controlled lighting and Bluetooth speakers. Taking center stage in these modern spaces is the bathtub. New tubs look more like sculpted pieces of art than plumbing fixtures and, like pieces of art, they are consciously placed to take advantage of natural light from windows or the warm glow from nearby fireplaces. In 2020, bathrooms will be spa-like destinations for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Dressed-Up Tile. Thanks to high definition printing and other manufacturing technologies, ceramic tile can now imitate any high-end covering from wood and clay to marble and polished concrete, making designer looks available to more customers at varying price points. The high definition tiles also combine coveted design aesthetics, like hardwood, with the convenience and durability of tile, making them perfect for high-moisture areas such as kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, mudrooms and entryways where hardwood or delicate marble would normally be discouraged. These imitation tiles can create luxurious looks at budget prices.

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