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4 Ways To Optimize Your Google Ads Keyword Selection

Selecting the appropriate keywords for your Google Ads can immensely improve your ad campaign. We’ve compiled a list of keyword best practices to bring substantial and quality online traffic to your operation.

Consider your customer. When using Google Ads, you only pay when users view and interact with your ad. Focus on getting into the headspace of your customer and selecting keywords that they would choose to search for the products that you stock. Avoid using words to describe your brand or your store, and instead focus on the products you offer.

Be specific. Focusing on one type of product or category makes it easier to get specific with your keywords and hone in on the customer base you are trying to reach. The more specific you can be, the more competitive you’ll be against similar ads.

Reuse what you can. Select keywords that are already in your Google Ad to give the Google algorithm useful data to rank you higher in your search field. This strategy can also lighten your workload.

Use negative keywords. Negative keywords are words and phrases you tell Google Ads to omit, which leads to your ad not showing up when those words or phrases are searched. This can filter out low-quality leads and reach a more specific audience.

Learn more about Google Ads here.

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