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3 Changes Retailers Should Know About Google Ads

For many small business owners, Google Ads is a powerful component of their marketing strategy. Retailers can create their own digital ads and target them precisely to their intended audience, allowing a sharper ad focus than other methods. But the platform is always adding new features and regulations, so retailers must stay on top of new Google Ads capabilities. At its Marketing Live event in May, Google representatives outlined the new Google Ads features that can help business owners advertise their products more effectively than ever before. 

Gallery Ads Present New Possibilities

Previously, the Google Ad network was largely based in text, but with Gallery Ads, advertisers can now incorporate brand-specific imagery into their ads. Gallery ads display as a carousel, allowing advertisers to place four to eight images at the top of the search results page (SERP). On average, campaigns that use Gallery ads experience a 25 percent uptick in user interactions, Google says.

Bumper Ads Leave an Impression

One of the benefits of the platform is its ability to serve ads on YouTube, the world’s most popular video platform. Many advertisers have been unable to find the time and resources to create unique video ads specifically for YouTube, but Google’s bumper machine streamlines the process. It can transform any video shorter than 90 seconds into a 6-second bumper ad primed for placement on YouTube, offering advertisers a high-impact way to bring their ads to life.

Local Campaigns Promote Community Investment

Implementing a marketing campaign to your specific region just became much easier. Local campaigns will now feature semi-automated functions that enable brick-and-mortar advertisers to place ads across Google SERPs, maps, YouTube and Google’s Display feature. Google optimizes ad delivery through its properties to prioritize displaying your ad to local shoppers.

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