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10 Products New Homeowners Need

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Owning a home is part of the American dream. But repairing, maintaining and improving that home can be a nightmare for homeowners who don’t have the right equipment to get the job done. The next time a new homeowner visits your business, be sure to take a few minutes to ensure they have some of the most useful tools and products for DIY projects and ongoing home maintenance. Point out classic products they know they need and additional items they probably haven’t considered. Matching eager homeowners with tools for success can be a great way to build relationships and provide ongoing revenue for your business.

Hardware Retailing spoke with Jason Mathias of Hillsboro Hardware in Nashville, Tennessee, to learn which products he recommends to new homeowners.

1. Housewares
Investing in fast-moving housewares can be a great way to help new homeowners make a house a home and provide stellar housewarming gifts. Mathias says Hillsboro Hardware sells lots of appliances like toasters and blenders, but he says electric heating pads are also popular for new homeowners.

2. Power Drills
A power drill is an affordable, easy-to-use tool and a must-have for homeowners. Helping a customer find the right drill will make them comfortable tackling projects large and small. Stock corded and cordless varieties to help homeowners complete immediate and long-term projects.

3. Safety Gear
From fire extinguishers to first-aid kits, having the right safety gear can be a small investment that safeguards new homeowners for years to come. Recommending safety gear as an add-on to a new homeowner’s purchase will boost your average transaction size and keep your customers safe all at once.

4. Hex and Allen Keys
Available in sizes from 0.7 to 46 millimeter increments, these versatile tools can help customers assemble furniture and bicycles, and they’re easy to use, even in tight spaces. Recommend a set of different sizes to give homeowners lots of options for all their upcoming DIY projects.

5. Extension Cords
Extension cords can be a low-cost, high-impact add-on item. Remind customers that beyond facilitating home repair projects, extension cords are also useful for outdoor DIY projects, parties and holiday decorations. “It’s obvious, but you’ve got to have them available all the time,” Mathias says.

6. Water Keys
Mathias says most customers neglect to buy water keys, which can shut off a home’s water supply in an emergency. “When you need one, you don’t want to go to the hardware store to get one. Busted pipes happen all too often and you don’t want to be caught without one,” Mathias says.

7. Pole Tree Pruners
Durable and lightweight, pole tree pruners are a great investment for new homeowners. They reduce the need for a ladder and can handle small to medium-sized branches. “Most people who own a home would love to have one, but they don’t even know it exists until they see one in action,” Mathias says.

8. Wet-Dry Vacuums
New homeowners don’t know how convenient wet-dry vacuums can be. Tell them they can remove water from flooded areas and reducestress on sump pumps. “Everyone is facing crazy weather. Having the necessities like a wet-dry vacuum is critical,” Mathias says.

9. Drywall Repair
Inexpensive drywall repair kits have helped homeowners find their footing on home renovation projects and kept walls looking great for years. Wall repair kits are available from many different manufacturers, so be sure to stock options at a few price points to encourage sales among homeowners.

10. Dehumidifiers
Mathias says dehumidifiers are great investments for homeowners because they remove extra moisture from basements season after season. Tell homeowners with unfinished basements that dehumidifiers could save them money on potential mold removal and protect their indoor air quality.

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