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Foundations of Leadership

3 Online Courses to Help Managers Excel

Invest in your managers with an online leadership development program to boost their skills, knowledge and confidence.

The North American Hardware and Paint Association’s (NHPA) Foundations of Leadership program provides leaders with home improvement industry-specific training. The program offers three different nine-week online courses, including Intro to Leadership, Leading Your Team and Financial Management. Together, these courses lead to a certification in leadership.

As part of each course, managers will also complete a real-world capstone project for their business where they will apply all the knowledge and skills they have learned. The project will focus on solving a problem or capitalizing on a missed opportunity in the business.

To learn more about the Foundations of Leadership program, click here or contact Scott Wright, NHPA executive director of advanced retail education programs, at swright@YourNHPA.org or 317-441-4136.

About the Foundations of Leadership Courses*

Intro to Leadership
In this introductory course, managers will learn about their unique leadership style and strengths, which will provide a framework for their ongoing leadership growth and career development needs.

Leading Your Team
This course teaches managers the critical components of building and leading a team, including communication skills, conflict management, talent development and ongoing performance management.

Financial Management
This course focuses on the key financial management skills that leaders need to manage the financial side of a business, including the basics of expense control, budgeting and benchmarking.

*While cohort classes are recommended, self-paced options are also available.

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