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Tile Floors
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Taking Care of Tile Floors

If your customers have tile floors, they’ll need the right tools and products to properly care for them. These products vary depending on the type of tile floors in their homes. Stock these tools for each of the different types of tile floors and become a one-stop shop for your customers’ flooring needs. 

Natural Stone
For natural stone tiles like marble and granite, the best cleaning option is warm water and dish soap. Harsh cleaners can damage these porous surfaces. 

Products to stock:
Dawn Ultra EZ-Squeeze dish soap
Harris Value Sprayer Bottles
– Libman 18” Microfiber Wet/Dry Floor Mop

Vinyl and Linoleum
Opt for a diluted white vinegar solution and a damp mop to keep too much water from seeping into the cracks and damaging the tile. 

Products to stock:
O’Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop
– O’Cedar Easy Pour Bucket

Most general cleaning sprays or soap and water work well on this durable material. To add shine, a paste made of equal parts baking soda and water creates a nice polish. 

Products to stock:
Koala Eco Natural Floor Cleaner
– Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Avoid abrasive household goods such as baking soda, salt and Borax on porcelain tile floors. Stick to general cleaning sprays or soap and water. 

Products to stock:
Zep Luxury Vinyl, Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaner
– Lysol® Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner

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