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Hot Products – March 15, 2023

Adjustable Bungee Strap

The 36″ Adjust A Strap by The Perfect Bungee® is the most universal bungee in the world. Made from proprietary polyurethane, it contains no rubber or latex. It is waterproof and UV-, chemical-, fuel- and oil-resistant. It can safely stretch up to twice its original length without the blow-black typical with normal bungees. The bungee has nylon hooks molded into the strap for safety and six slots along the strap for adjustment. It is made in the U.S.

The Perfect Bungee | theperfectbungee.com

Weighted Blanket
Sommerfly™ Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blankets provide deep pressure touch sensation. They have been shown to be effective to soothe, calm and comfort, helping many achieve a more restful night’s sleep. The Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blankets are for children and adults, with five sizes to fit weight ranges from 20 pounds to over 200 pounds.

SommerFly | sommerfly.com

Painter’s Set

Mayhew Tools Hammerless Tools 2-Piece Painter’s Set, Part #89022, contains a 2/32-inch and 3/32-inch Nail Set Combo to sink nails and brads that are sticking out of trim or frames and a Hinge Pin Remover, allowing you to quickly and easily drive door pins out without damaging wood or trim. All Hammerless tools deliver 3,500 pounds of striking force with precision and ease, are made in the U.S. and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Mayhew Tools | mayhew.com

Sand Paper

3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Faster Sanding Sheets have superior cut durability and enhanced mineral technology that resist clogging and sand faster. When folded, the NO-SLIP GRIP™ durable backing grips together to prevent slipping, so you can sand longer with less hand fatigue.

3M | 3m.com

Flooring Scraper
With a 6-inch blade that is ideal for removing carpet, wood flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl and adhesives, the Bully Tools Floor Bully Flooring Scraper is also useful for scraping paint off concrete, pulling up carpet tack strips and removing ice from driveways. It is constructed from 11-gauge 100% steel and has a durable powder coat finish that helps prevent rust and extends the tool’s life.

Bully Tools | bullytools.com

Concrete Screw Anchors

Hillman has engineered a new best-performing, code-approved Concrete Screw Anchor for fastening into concrete, wood and masonry materials. This new addition to the PowerPro lineup provides quality installations, dependable strength, an engineered design and the confidence of building code approvals. Great for everyday applications such as electrical fixtures, furring strips, two-by-four lumber, sill plates, metal railing, window and door frames, temporary bracing and storm shutters.

The Hillman Group | shop.hillmangroup.com

Skid Steer Bucket
The Ignite Attachments Severe Duty Bucket is built with excellent bucket breakout force for better digging and easier bucket filling, helping you work smarter, not harder. It is ideal for tackling severe duty grading, leveling and material handling in aggressive conditions. The optional bolt-on cutting edge increases the life of the loader’s bucket.

Ignite Attachments | igniteattachments.com

Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

If you sell solar lights, you know how hard it is to find the various sizes and types of batteries for these lights. With over 10 sizes and variations, UltraLast® is the first full retail line of rechargeable batteries for solar lights. Whether for yard, wall or deck solar lighting, UltraLast’s value-priced and retail-packaged solar battery product line fills the need for replacement batteries in the high demand, but often overlooked category of LED solar-powered lights. Countertop displays with solar batteries are also available.

Dantona Industries Inc.dantona.com

Wall Mirror
The Hubba Pebble mirror is a unique, organic-shaped mirror that comes with a special keyhole to help orient this mirror in eight different ways. This playful mirror makes a perfect addition to a variety of spaces in the home, from entryway to bathrooms, playrooms and more. It measures 24 by 36 inches and has a thin, decorative metallic finished frame.

Umbra | umbra.com

Metal Mesh Face Shield
Constructed with highly durable stainless steel, the BOLT™ Mesh Full Face Shield protects users from debris in chipping and cutting applications and provides maximum durability. These ANSI Z87.1-rated face shields feature an optimal shield width and mesh pattern design that offers a consistent wide and clear field of view. For ease of use, these shields feature snap-in and snap-out covers, allowing quick and tool-free shield replacement.

Milwaukee Tool | milwaukeetool.com

Cabinet Pulls
Featuring a bold, angular form, the Eben pull is a sturdy option apt to support big or heavy kitchen drawers and cabinets. The high-quality solid brass not only brings added stability, but also ensures that finishes will not chip or wear off. Paired with a rectangular backplate, the pull is the ideal pick for an easy hardware update to conceal previous imperfections or damage. The pull’s simple yet classic look provides a modern touch to tasteful interiors. Available in five different sizes, six different finishes, including three special finishes, the series can seamlessly coordinate with various design styles.

Deco & Deco | decondeco.com or 855-876-0846

Mud Pan
This top-of-the-line stainless steel mud pan comes with watertight heli-arc welded seams that resist rust and wear from frequent taping and patching work. It has sharp, durable edges for wiping blades clean and is 3 ½ inches deep.

Hyde Tools Inc. | hydetools.com

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