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Three Ways to Grow Lawn and Garden Sales This Summer

With the rush of spring planting over, homeowners may be ready to tackle another project to spruce up their lawns and gardens. Here are three ways you can get your share of sales from those customers looking to enhance their outdoor spaces:

Landscaping projects

Think project sales as you promote your patio pavers and water gardening supplies. If you have a garden area outdoors, use your patio paver and landscaping items to build a walkway in your garden area, to decorate your gardening displays or to build a small paver patio so customers can see different ways they can use these products. Include a display that shows all of the different items, like gravel, sand, rakes and tamper, needed to finish the project. You can make this display on an endcap if you don’t have the space outside.

Water gardening

Become the water gardening expert in your area. If you want to become a destination for this project, expand your category to include water elements for all sizes of yards and gardens, from a small fountain that can sit on a balcony to a larger pond with a waterfall or two.

To make your knowledge of this project more valuable to your customers, host a how-to clinic that covers not just the installation of the pond, but also the types of plants suitable for water gardening. Some homeowners want to include fish in their water garden, so when you host a clinic, consider inviting a local pet store to partner with you so they can provide information to customers considering that option.

Go deep in yard decorations

Whether it be a fountain, figurine, globe or garden gnome, homeowners love their yard decorations. They also want decorations that are unique and different from everyone else on their street. This is another way you can differentiate yourself from your big-box competition, since as an independent you have the freedom to source from a variety of vendors. Since this area is more subject to fashion than other areas of the lawn and garden department, don’t just stock the same items you sold last year, but look for something new to keep your customers’ interest.

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