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Upgrade Your Store’s Coffee Brewing Section

In a world buzzing with caffeine enthusiasts, the desire to bring the coffee shop experience home is on the rise. Around 74% of Americans drink coffee every day, with 49% drinking three to five cups every day, according to data from Drive Research

Drive Research’s data also shows 32% of surveyed consumers purchase coffee one to three days per week. As consumers deal with inflation and other economic factors, many are turning to their homes to get their caffeine fix.

The desire for home coffee bars reflects a growing trend among individuals seeking to curate their coffee experiences within their living spaces. With the rise of specialty coffee culture, many consumers are investing in high-quality espresso machines, expensive grinders and artisanal beans to recreate their neighborhood coffee shops at home. 

Make your store a coffee supply destination by stocking your shelves with these home coffee-making items. 

  1. Custom store coffee mugs

    Let your caffeine enthusiasts represent your store as they brew at home. Many online wholesale companies offer personalized discount mugs or tumblers where you can add your store’s logo to the design, including these ceramic mugs from Allbranded or traditional ceramic mugs from DiscountMugs.

  2. Coffee brewing devices

    Arguably the most essential part of a home coffee station is the brewing device. Whether your customers enjoy a pour-over or espresso or are happy  with coffee from a traditional coffee maker, be sure to keep a variety of brewing devices on your shelves. For a simple pour-over experience, consider  the AeroPress. Another coffee machine alternative is the French press. This stainless steel French press from Kaffe is a good option to stock. For homes with multiple coffee lovers, or for customers who want the ability to make multiple cups at a time, the Cuisinart 5-cup coffeemaker with stainless steel carafe makes a great option.

  3. Coffee making accessories

    If your customers are carefully creating their home brewing spaces, it’s a good idea to stock other accessories to complement their new machines. Items like airtight canisters, such as the Airscape Coffee Canister from Planetary Design can keep beans fresh for longer. An easy way to keep a coffee station clean is with a mat, commonly made of silicon, such as this large coffee mat from Wacaco that features grooved edges that can easily be cleaned.

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