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WATCH: Uncover the $100,000 Difference for Your Business

More than ever, understanding your business’s financial health from every angle is vital. For more than a century, home improvement operators have counted on the annual Cost of Doing Business Study to discover every facet of their operation’s finances.

The Cost of Doing Business Study features information on how typical and high-profit operations are faring by highlighting dozens of individual sales metrics. It also allows retailers to determine ways to increase profits and strategize for their financial future.

Want to learn more about the many ways the study can help you identify to save money at your business? Check out this video detailing the $100,00 difference the Cost of Doing Business Study provides.


Participate in the Study Now

Independent home improvement operators are invited to submit their data safely and securely to help grow the study. There are four ways to participate, so you can choose the option you feel most comfortable with. Participants in the study receive a final version of the study for free as well as a What-If Scenario Generator, that allows them to visualize how small adjustments in one area of their business can bring monumental results to other areas.

Learn more about the study and submit your data now by checking out Cost of Doing Business Study resources.

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