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K-100 Fuel Treatments/Kinetic Fuel Technology, Inc.

Company Description:

K100 Fuel Treatment was developed in 1965 to remove water from fuel. K100 Fuel Treatment eliminates water-related fuel problems by encapsulating water into a combustible shell that burns clean, lubricates, and increases power. Also, K100 Fuel Treatment products employ organic chemistry and do not contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment. Our Fuel Treatments have been proven to reduce emissions by modifying the petroleum molecule in fuel and altering the burn chemistry for more complete combustion which results in more power, more miles/gallon/hour, less black smoke from diesel, and less oil fumes from 2-stroke, premix or auto-inject. Emission test results also show a significant reduction in CO, HC and NOx. Such reductions mean less strain on the environment. Better running engines, whether in your car, truck, tools or toys mean lower cost, less hassle, and fewer trips to the repair shop.

Independent retailers are the life blood of America. K100 started as a small business selling to small businesses. As a boutique product, K100 does not sell to the big box retailers, which gives independent retailers the opportunity to offer our unique product to their customers without worry that they need to compete with the big box retailers. It is hoped that this opportunity provides independent retailers with an edge over their competition.



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General Hardware Distributors
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HDI-Hardware Distributors, Inc.
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Val-Test Distribution Inc.
Home Depot-Canada

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Diesel Fuel Treatment

Gasoline Fuel Treatment

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