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Cole’s Wild Bird Products Co.

Company Description:

Cole’s helps independent retailers successfully compete against the “big guys” with a strong combination of high quality and innovative products. In addition to top of the line blends and straight seeds, we specialize in exclusive “hot” wild birdfeeds. Hot Meats, Blazing Hot Blend, Cajun Cardinal Blend, and Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce are all nationally recognized best sellers that have been featured in such high profile magazines as Better Homes and Gardens, Town & Country, Reader’s Digest, and Southern Living. Cole’s bird feeder line is just as impressive. The Hummer High Rise and Terrific Tube feeders consistently rank high among editors and consumers alike. Specialty suets and Dried Mealworms round out the product line creating a one-stop shopping experience for retailers.

Like many independent retailers, Cole’s is family owned and operated. We started as a home-based business and still remember our roots. So we don’t sell to the big boxes. All our products are strictly for the “little guy”. Cole’s dealers don’t have to worry about building a solid customer base only to lose it to the low-ball price points of the big boxes down the street.



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Home improvement distributors where our products can be found:

Ace Hardware Corp.
True Value Hardware

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Wild Bird Seed
Wild Bird Feeders & Accessories
Wild Bird Suet
Hummingbird Nectar
Feeder Guards and Baffles

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