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Focus On These 2 Social Media Tactics

While they’re not necessarily brand new tactics in the social media sphere, video and advertising are two elements that should be part of your social media strategy.

According to Meag Shaffer, executive vice president of social media at social media firm Kel & Partners, video and advertising are the key tactics emerging right now. As they continue to capture customers’ attention, your brand can get on board.


You don’t need to have a background in film or a big budget to post videos on social media.

“Video content doesn’t need to be highly produced,” Shaffer says. “Stability is important, so consider investing in a tripod. Being able to hear what’s going on in the video is also important. Those two foundational elements are really all you need to produce something worth sharing.”

You also don’t need to be an in expert in editing to give your video posts traction. Many social media platforms have specific editing tools to help users post engaging content that looks great.

Shaffer recommends trying out Facebook Live or Instagram Live. You can also experiment with the Stories feature on either platform as a way to engage with customers in the moment.

One example Shaffer mentions is having an employee or the business owner start a Facebook Live or Instagram Live segment explaining 10 tips for a seasonal home improvement project.

“During the Live segment, you can prompt the viewers to ask questions,” Shaffer says. “You’re creating a space where they’re coming to you as an expert online, and you’re building a relationship that encourages them to also become a customer.”

Other opportunities to use the Live or Stories features are during events, to show off new products, promote sales, product demonstrations or behind-the-scenes action at your store. Follow other independent home improvement stores on Instagram to see how others in the industry are using the features.


Being present on social media is crucial for increasing brand awareness and building relationships with customers.

However, utilizing Facebook Advertising in addition to posting organic content helps you get your brand in front of customers  more frequently.

Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to make the most of your budget by targeting specific demographic segments like gender, age, location and interests. You can also target your customers specifically with a contact list, such as the list you use for your email marketing initiatives.

With Facebook’s latest algorithm update, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to reach their customers on social media. Paying to play is a viable option for staying present on your customers’ news feeds.

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