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Tips for Combating Porch Pirates

With the increase of online shopping and home deliveries, package theft is on the rise with nearly 4 out of 10 people reporting they’ve had packages stolen. Boxes and envelopes waiting on front porches and stoops make easy targets for theft. Retailers can help protect package deliveries by offering shoppers the following advice and product options:  

Take advantage of USPS and UPS services: The United States Postal Service has a free service called  Informed Delivery® that allows users to preview mail and manage packages through notifications on smartphones, tablets or computers. UPS offers a similar service called My Choice® for home that helps users better manage home deliveries to fit their schedules, allowing them to change how, when, where and even to whom packages are delivered. 

Make use of ship to store options: Home improvement retailers frequently order out-of-stock or custom items for customers to pick up, while companies with websites have made in-store pick up an option for online orders. During lockdown, retailers have also started offering curbside pickup and home deliveries. These options all help to reduce package theft. Retailers should make customers aware of them, if available.  

Install a secure mailbox or package guard: National Hardware Show vendor, Mail Boss offers a variety of locking security mailboxes that are large enough for packages. Acting like the drop boxes at the post office, these secure mailboxes have a pulldown door that allows packages to slide in and drop to a lower shelf. Users then unlock the mailbox to retrieve the packages. The Original Porch Pirate bag is another secure option. It is made from ballistic nylon and has a cord that loops through a door handle. The delivery person just slides the package inside and secures the lock.  

Install Security Cameras and Motion Detector Lights: Home security products are top sellers for many home improvement retailers. When it comes to porch pirates, items like security cameras, motion lights and home security systems, can act as deterrents. For the top rated home security options of 2020 check out this article from PC Magazine.

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