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3 Home Hidey Holes for DIYers

Hidden storage for valuables or other items doesn’t have to be limited to the wall safe behind Great Uncle Alfred’s portrait. The array of hidden storage ideas ranges from slide-outs in furniture pieces and pop-out panels in cabinets or trim, to pull-down furniture such as tables or Murphy beds. The only limit is the imagination.

Many creative hidden storage solutions for DIYers are available on Pinterest.com and other project idea sites. Checking out the latest projects can give retailers insight into that types of projects consumers are working on and types of products they might be shopping for. By sharing projects ideas in-store or on social media, retailers can also spark interest in hidden storage projects. We’ve gathered a few of the most popular ideas here

Hidden Medicine Cabinets. There are a number of ways consumers can incorporate hidden storage into their homes, but one popular method is an in-wall, or recessed, cabinet that is disguised by something else (think of a cabinet behind the painting of Great Uncle Alfred). DIYers can easily cut out space between two studs, add a few shelves and some drywall to make it functional, then cover it up with whatever they desire. Or, for those less inclined to creating their own niche, ready-made storage is available, like the Jensen Hideaway cabinet by Rangaire Manufacturing, which can be covered with either paint or wallpaper after installation to allow for seamless hidden storage.

End-Table Pet Crates. We all love our pets, but pet crates, litter boxes, food and water dishes, and all of those other wonderful items that come with having four-legged family members can make for unsightly clutter, especially in smaller homes that don’t have a special room for just pet stuff. Manufacturers and DIYers alike have come up with a myriad of creative solutions to hide or disguise these items in plain sight, whether in pieces of furniture, underneath staircases, or even in a planter! For several examples of these creative solutions, check out Hidden Pet Crates on Pinterest

Baseboard Drawers. Whether it’s hiding away pet bowls, or storing those large platters that only come out for special occasions, toe kick drawers can offer additional hidden storage without compromising the look of a room. While easier to install along with regular cabinets, baseboard drawers can be retrofitted depending upon the original installation, including simple retrofits that are basic box pullouts hidden behind molding. How-tos can be found with a quick internet search, like this article from Houzz.com.

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