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Targeting Multiple Generations of Shoppers With Events

Retail events are attracting shoppers from across generations, but younger shoppers are the biggest fans.

Nearly 50 percent of all U.S. consumers attended an in-store event in 2018, according to research from the National Retail Federation (NRF).

More shoppers from younger generations showed up for product demos, exclusive sales and other events than did members of Gen X and baby boomers, NRF reports.

Of the people who attended the events, 82 percent say they are interested in similar store experiences in the future, the research shows.

Applied to Retail
Your customers are likely looking for memorable experiences at retail stores, in line with national trends.

If you’re having trouble attracting younger generations to your business, then consider whether you’re hosting the types of events that appeal to them. The most popular retail events provide early or exclusive access to products or a sale, according to NRF.

Poll your younger employees about which products they think would attract their friends to a special event, then plan an in-store party the next time you introduce a new product line or hot items from a major brand.


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