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Taking the Headaches Out of Hard Water

Out of sight and out of mind for many people, a water softener is one of those necessities that you don’t realize you need until you take that first shower in hard water or start to see the yellow hard water stain rings in your sink or toilet. The hardness level of water varies greatly throughout the country with homeowners in different areas requiring varying levels of hard water remediation.

Carrying the right mix of water softening products can take your plumbing department to the next level. You can also help your customers by educating yourself on the water hardness levels in your area, so you can speak intelligently to how customers can remedy their issues.

The main way to combat hard water is with a water softener. According to the Global Water Softener Market Report, the global water softener market size is forecasted to reach $5.7 billion by 2027, opening up opportunities for retailers to gain some of this market share.

The EcoPure 31,000-Grain Water Softener offers predictive technology, which calculates how much salt and water is required to regenerate the system and only uses what is necessary, resulting in a significant reduction in salt and water usage. The WaterBoss Model 700 water softener has a built-in self-cleaning filter and uses as little as 15 gallons of water and only 2.5 lbs. of salt to regenerate.

Beyond the softener, you’ll want to stock water softener salt, which comes in different varieties for different levels of hardness, and products customers can use to remove existing hard water stains, like CLR, a calcium, lime and rust remover.

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