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Reversible Snow Shovel


The Shark Snow Shovel has a two-in-one design to tear up hard-packed snow with the “Shark Teeth” on one blade while the other works as a standard snow shovel with a smooth blade. The blades easily change with the built-in …

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Doorstop Replacement

door stop

The Doorstop Upgrade adds features such as a post and a mating screw to improve on standard doorstops. The installer drills a hole through the receiving door, inserts the doorstop through one side and the mating screw through the other. …

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Licensed Tool Boxes

tool box

Goboxes designs tool boxes fashioned after popular automotive manufacturer logos such as Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford. There are also custom designs. Tool boxes come constructed of either 20-gauge stainless steel or as canvas bags and can carry items such as …

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Paint Pail Hand Truck

paint pail hand truck

The Pail Lifter is designed to ease stocking and moving 5-gallon buckets like those used for paint. It features U-shaped recesses that allow the unit to move next to a 5-gallon pail and securely support it under the top lip. …

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Bug Repellent

bug spray

Bug Soother is a natural bug repellent that uses a blend of vanilla and lemon scents to repel bugs. It is DEET-free, safe for children and pets and qualifies as an EPA-exempted product. It leaves no oily residue when applied …

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Elevated Pet Bath

dog bath

The Booster Bath® is a pet bath designed for home and light commercial use. It features a patented three-point harness to keep a pet stationary in the tub and has a U-shaped entry/exit area for the animal. A rubberized no-slip …

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Wall Repair Kit

Wall repair kit

RK Plasterplug is a patented wall repair solution designed specifically for drywall, where the empty space behind the wall is normally a problem. Plasterplug restores the wall integrity as opposed to a cosmetic patch. The end result is a flat …

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