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Sports Equipment Storage

Storing Sports Gear 

Now that summer is over, consumers may be looking to store summertime sports equipment until next year. They’ll need products that protect equipment and keep it in good condition, while also saving space in storage areas.

Storage options can include both ready-made products and custom approaches. Hooks, free-standing racks, wall units and a variety of other items can be used alone or in combination to maximize space. Below are just a few products that can help consumers design a storage system that fits their needs:

  • Free-Standing Options: Free-standing storage products come in a variety of styles and sizes. For instance, the Velo Cache Free-Standing bicycle rack can hold one or two bikes and accompanying accessories in a compact area. An expansion pack allows it to hold up to four bikes. For smaller equipment and sports accessories, products like the Honey-Can-Do Sports Equipment Storage Shelving Unit can corral clutter and keep it accessible for the next sports season.
  • Wall-Mounted Systems: These semi-customizable systems generally include a slot-wall or pegboard type wall that is installed in a home storage area or garage, and utilizes a variety of hooks and containers for storage. Some systems can even include enclosed cabinet options for storing items out of sight.
  • Rafter Storage: Rope-and-pully systems can be used for a number of different equipment types, including bicycles and kayaks or canoes. Mounted to the ceiling, these products can lift larger equipment either manually, or with a powered wench, and hold items off of the floor until needed, freeing up valuable space below.

Additionally, there are items that can be suggested to help clean and protect stored equipment while it’s not in use. Chain oils for bicycles can help prevent rust and residue build up on chains, helping them retain smooth movement and reducing friction that can cause breakage. Leather conditioners are a great protection for equipment such as baseball gloves and other leather goods, and products like soft brushes and high-absorbency shop towels (along with water and mild dish soap) are best for cleaning golf clubs prior to winter storage. 

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