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Seasonal Promotions to Increase Add-On Sales

Springtime is right around the corner, and for most retailers, that means it’s time to start preparing for the busy DIY season. You may be hiring seasonal staff, double-checking your inventory, cleaning your store and making room for the extra foot traffic that will start coming through your doors in the next few weeks.

While you likely anticipate a steady stream of customers, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also put out dedicated promotions during this time to increase your potential for add-on sales. Consider putting these seasonal promotions to work in your operation for an extra boost this spring.

  • Use a “holiday of the day” calendar. You’ve likely seen these kinds of posts floating around social media. According to one source, Feb. 27, for example, is National Retro Day. Take the theme of the day and highlight a product or line you have in your store on Facebook or Instagram. Offer 10 percent off to customers who mention the post at checkout or who wear something of the same theme into the store.
  • Encourage after-hour sales. Celebrate the fact that the sun shines later in the evening. Run a promotion offering a discount on items purchased after 6 p.m. or throw in a free pair of sunglasses for all grilling or outdoor living purchases. Implement a minimum dollar amount  to boost add-on sales with smaller dollar value, higher-margin impulse items.
  • Count your customers. If you want customers to line up at the door before you open, offer a discount to the first 50 customers to come in on your slowest sales day. Keeping track of these metrics can also help you calculate your conversion rate: How many customers who come in the store actually make a purchase?
  • Be spontaneous. Social media is a quick way to get your customers’ attention, so consider scheduling same-day promotions, but don’t put the word out ahead of time. Use Instagram Stories or Facebook Live to announce a limited-time offer to your followers.

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