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Retail Jobs Offer Long-Term Career Value

Retail jobs offer employees long-term benefits, including career advancement and skill set development, according to recent research from the National Retail Federation.

For example, retailing teaches workers valuable skills, such as an “ability to work with anyone; ability to take direction; composure; a willingness to step up; and ability to multitask,” which 80 percent of hiring managers believe transfer well to jobs across industries, the research shows.

In addition, 79 percent of current retail employees describe themselves as happy in their jobs, and 76 percent of former workers “have taken advantage of the unique scheduling flexibility of a job in retail to help them balance important priorities in their lives, such as going to school, working another job or raising a family,” according to the National Retail Federation.

Here are other highlights from the research:

  • 80 percent of former retail employees think a recommendation from a former retail manager helped them get hired for a different job.
  • 60 percent of retail employees say they had been promoted, and 85 percent had earned a raise.
  • 80 percent of hiring managers value the same skills and traits that most retail employees use on the job.

To read more of the study, click here.

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