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Put Your Best Game Face Forward

Tailgating is a multibillion dollar pastime, with pregame gatherings held at everything from high school rivalry games to blockbuster professional sports competitions. And, these gatherings aren’t just about good times and good food; tailgating can be in itself a huge event, with fans competing over who has the best tailgating setup. Serious fans are taking parking lot parties high-end on par with glamping or other luxury-focused outdoor activities. Help your customers put on their best pre-game face with these five high-end tailgating product lines:

Injection-Molded Coolers: Styrofoam coolers, while cheap and convenient for short term storage, have nothing on today’s injection-molded coolers. Heavy-duty and tight sealing, these coolers can keep items cold and ice frozen for considerable lengths of time, some up to 48 hours. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, brands such as Yeti and Orca

Trailer Hitch Attachments: Whether extra seating is an issue, or you just want to take a siesta mid pre-game, having equipment that can hook onto the trailer hitch is the way to go. Companies like Hammaka offer such equipment as hammock and chair stands, while Boone Outdoor Hardware carry attachable tables for tailgating needs. Other hitch products include TV stands, complete grill and prep station set-ups, and more, like the products found in this article from DO It Yourself RV

Team Logo Products: It isn’t a real tailgating experience unless you’re representing your team with logo products. From NFL licensed grill tools (like these from The Man Registry) to official college and pro team tents, seating, and tables (such as those offered by Rawlings), everyone will be able to tell which team you support for the big game.

Bluetooth Enabled Grills and Smokers: Why spend precious party time hovering over the hot grill, when you can let technology take the wheel. Several companies, including Traeger and Weber have helped take the guesswork out of grilling by equipping some of their products with app-based technology, allowing users to keep track of their food remotely, making adjustments as needed, and pulling items from the heat at the optimum time. 

High-quality Portable Speakers: For music or pre-game commentary, a quality tailgating speaker is important. Whether it’s just clear audio or full entertainment with audio, lights, and long battery life, there are a multitude of speakers that will please practically everyone. For examples, check out this article from Outer Audio about the 10 best tailgate speakers

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