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Protect Your House This Winter

Whether your operation is based in a frigid climate or a temperate area, your customers should take steps to protect their homes over the winter. Educate them on the tasks they need to complete and stock the products they need to get their homes through winter. 

Storage for outdoor hoses
Homeowners can avoid frozen pipes by disconnecting outdoor hoses from faucets when the weather dips below freezing. They should spread out the hose  to get any remaining water out of it and store it in a container like the Suncast 150 ft. Baywood® Smart Tube® Hose Hideaway®. Storing the hose away prevents any remaining water from freezing in it, which can cause damage. 

Replacement furnace filters
Encourage homeowners to replace their furnace filter at least once a year. If you keep a database of customer information, include a spot to store each customer’s filter size so they can easily reference it when they come in for a replacement. Filters come in a variety of sizes and types, such as allergen reducing and smart filters that alert the homeowner when they need to be replaced, so stock a broad selection for your customers. 

Wireless thermostat
Installing a wireless thermostat reduces energy costs and prevents wasteful energy use. The Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat with Sensor comes with location-based home and away modes and allows the user to set a schedule for temperatures from week to week. 

Weather stripping
Adding weather stripping to windows and doors can also lower a homeowners energy bill throughout the winter and save energy. The Duck® Brand Max Strength Silicone Weatherstrip Seal works on both windows and doors. 

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