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Cost of Doing Business Study

Participate in the 2020 Cost of Doing Business Study

The North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) is now collecting information from independent U.S. hardware stores, home improvement centers and lumberyards for the 2020 Cost of Doing Business Study.

The Cost of Doing Business Study is an annual overview of the financial state of independent hardware, home improvement and and lumberyards. For more than a century, operators have trusted the financial data included in the study to help them understand their place in the industry. The study features information on how typical and high-profit operations are faring by highlighting dozens of individual sales metrics. It also allows retailers to determine ways to increase profits and strategize for their financial future.

“It’s amazing to see the number of companies with multiple stores that have truly been successful and around for generations still participate in the study. They still want to benchmark their performance. They’re always questioning themselves on how they can get better,” says Dave Gowan, vice president of finance and business services for NRHA.

As COVID-19 impacts how every retailer does business, participating in the study and comparing your operation’s individual results against industry averages is more important now than ever.

Participation is free and confidential and grants participants access to the study’s results. To learn more or sign up, visit nrha.org/codb.

How to Participate
Participate in the Cost of Doing Business Study to gain access to the study’s results and to help retailers like you. The information you provide is confidential. Choose from four different ways to upload, email or mail your information.

  • Option 1
    Complete the Cost of Doing Business Study form and upload your documents online at nrha.org/codb.
  • Option 2
    Email your company information and 2019 year-end financial statements to NRHA.
  • Option 3
    Print and complete the survey and mail it to NRHA.
  • Option 4
    Fill out the “company information” section of the survey and attach a copy of your 2019 year-end financial statements and mail them to NRHA.

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