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Miller Paint Names Unity Its Color of the Year for 2023

Miller Paint has announced Unity as its 2023 Color of the Year. Unity is an earthy terra-cotta hue that represents the warmth of coming together in community.

“People are once again gathering with loved ones to enjoy special moments,” says Puji Sherer, Miller Paint’s vice president of marketing, color and brand. “As our 2023 Color of the Year, Unity encourages us to pause and to protect what is precious to us—our humanity, our planet, our traditions and our homes.”

Unity is warm by nature and is symbolic of materials, textures, landscapes and activities that unite people with the world around them. Whether they are crafting a clay pot, watching the sunset or gathering for a special meal by candlelight, Unity brings people closer to what they love.

As a gentle neutral complement to greens and blues, Unity offers hints of peach, pink and brown that can be used as a backdrop for outside greenery, or as the perfect complement to natural materials inside the home. 

Supporting hues for Unity (R129) are from the Northwest Color Collection and include:

Chickpea Please (R128): A playful peach hue and the next top-to-bottom neutral.

Zea Flour (R009): A warm white with a touch of gold, this color sings on trim and whispers on walls.

Heathered Herb (R050): Brassy but not too bold, this yellow-green refuses to be just an accent color.

Buried Fossil (R057): More interesting than gray and more muted than green, this complex hue changes with light and scale.

Midnight Surf (R095): The neutral version of navy, this muted blue turns up the volume on sophistication and elegance.

To celebrate the new Northwest Color Collection, Miller Paint shared a Pattern Play Mural project featuring a variety of harmonious colors to create a curated, cohesive mural. This project uses pattern and color to define a space and express creativity.

Discover additional 2023 Colors of the Year here.

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