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Is There a ‘Season’ for Toilet Plunger Sales?

When we began distributing the Johnny Jolter® Professional Power Plunger, we heard from more than a few hardware dealers that there was a ‘single day’ that would always be the biggest day of the year for plunger sales.  Then, with a drum roll, this day was revealed as “the day after Thanksgiving!” We always enjoyed a good hearty laugh when someone made that statement.  Seriously though, while the ‘Thanksgiving’ thing was pretty funny, we returned to our conventional wisdom that people buy plungers when their toilet is clogged, no matter what time of year it is.

While this is indeed true, it does not explain why there was a distinct and significant lift in weekly plunger sales during a 6-month period starting in September! Recently, we happened to be poking around at 10 years’ worth of Johnny Jolter weekly sales data, and therein discovered powerful information that every hardware retailer should know. Something significant occurs throughout that 6-month period that drives an increase in plunger sales: football season!

Whether college or pro, football season is the reason for many in-home gatherings, and it never hurts to have your Johnny Jolter® Professional Power Plunger handy—something to keep in mind as you plan your purchases for the fall.

We hope you found this fact both fun and interesting. And next year when football season kicks off, we hope you will promote the Johnny Jolter® Professional Power Plunger. Johnny Jolter was the proud recipient of  Hardware Retailing’s ‘Retailer’s Choice’ Award at the 2018 National Hardware Show®. It adds innovation to your category, but more importantly, the Johnny Jolter® Professional Power Plunger builds profitability in your Auger/Plunger set simply by having it in stock.

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