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How to Write Compelling Subject Lines and Blog Post Titles

You can craft the most informative and well-written blog post or email, but if your subject lines or blog post titles don’t grab the reader’s attention and draw them in, your pieces will never get read. When writing subject lines for customer emails or blog post titles, it’s important to include keywords to improve search engine optimization and avoid overly sales-based language to prevent emails from going to spam. Here we share five best practices for putting together attention-grabbing subject lines and blog post titles. 

Keep it short. Google trims long post titles, with the ideal length being around 70 characters. Many email providers also shorten subject lines, so be sure to keep your message short and succinct to avoid being cut off and to encourage readers to engage. 

Utilize how-to titles. One of the most searched phrases, “how to” is a great way to grab a reader’s attention and get them to open your email or read your blog post. People are often looking for new information, and the “how to” phrase fills that need for knowledge. 

Include a strong call-to-action and action words. Spur your readers to action with something they need to do, find out or act on by reading your email or blog post. 

Provide a list. Listicles are an excellent way to get a reader’s attention and offer an easy way to consume large chunks of information quickly because lists are easy to skim and pull out the main points.

Choose thought-out adjectives. Go beyond great and good with powerful adjectives that say exactly what you want to say. 

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