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Instagram Tips

How Retailers Are Using Instagram

NRHA follows and interacts with more than a thousand home improvement retailers via Instagram. Social media is a great tool for retailers to communicate with customers, so it’s easy to see why so many retailers are using it to stand out and show off their brand. Here are some examples of successful Instagram post types based on what NRHA is seeing from the retailers it follows.

Engaging Content
Content that gets followers to like, comment and share content from your Instagram page—and visit your store’s website.
– Videos, GIFs, memes, images and quotes
– Contests
– Holiday posts
– Recurring and themed posts that include a popular hashtag, such as #photooftheday or #tiptuesday

Putting a Face to the Business
Customers don’t want to buy from a faceless company. They want to buy from people they know and like. Create content that shows off your company’s culture and people and the excellent customer service your store provides.
– Staff, owner and animal visitor photos
– In-store event photos
– Customer engagement photos
– Customer-generated content, such as testimonials or product reviews

Product Promotion
Encourage customers to stop by your store by promoting must-have products.
– New and interesting products
– Niche products
– Seasonal items
– Product displays
– Products shown in use
– Products shown in home (lifestyle)

Sales and Event Promotion
Promote in-store sales events and share event invitations, information and photos so customers know when you are offering something special or hosting an event.
– Graphics and photos promoting in-store sales and events
– Event invitations
– Event photos that show customer engagement

Instagram Tips:

Create Original Content

Create and share original content. Personalized content will help you better speak to your customers because each store is unique and has its own customers and niche products.


Take Advantage of Hashtags

Create a hashtag specific to your store and encourage your customers and employees to use it in posts. Use the hashtag when you repost content to your feed. Remember to include your hashtag in your Instagram bio—this will automatically create a clickable link so people can see all the posts that use the hashtag.


Post to Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way for retailers to show their personalities. Story posts disappear after 24 hours, so use them to share moments versus posts you want to keep on your profile. Story ideas include:

  • Day-in-the-life
  • Coolest products off the truck
  • A peek at people, events and products at markets
  • Events in progress

Create an Instagram-Friendly Space

Consider creating an Instagram photo-friendly space in your store. Find a colorful area or a fun wall that also includes branded content promoting your store name. Encourage customers to snap selfies in the space and use the hashtag to get 10 percent of their purchase.


Be Consistent

Possibly the most important rule when it comes to managing social media content is to post content regularly. Don’t forget to engage with customers through follows, likes, comments and messages. Social media is a conversation, not a one-way street.

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