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Hot Products – October 7, 2020

window clipWindow Clip
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PLYLOX ™ 5/8 inch stainless steel hurricane window clip is a non-corrosive product used to board up brick, stucco or wood framed windows with a 2 inch to 3 inch inset. It is designed out of tension steel to hold 5/8 inch plywood or polycarbonate panels in place to protect windows from strong winds and flying debris. All PLYLOX ™ products are lab tested and made in the USA with US steel.

plylox.com or 800-583-4289

Fly TrapDeck & Patio Fly TrapStik
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Odor-free and pesticide-free, Deck & Patio Fly TrapStik® controls flies in outdoor living spaces. It uses VisiLure® technology with colors and patterns proven to lure flies to their demise. Enticed by the appealing colors and patterns, flies are drawn to TrapStik®, and then get caught on the sticky surface. It works on common nuisance and filth flies, as well as horse flies, stable flies, black flies, deer flies and other biting flies.


Rust PreventativeRust Preventative
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Rust Patrol Heavy Duty has a new look! We’ve updated our label to be more informative to your customers, highlighting the thing we do best–prevent rust. Also, around our diamond are the other benefits of using Rust Patrol: penetrate, lubricate and repels water. If you’re ready to sell your customers the absolute best, then give us a call!

Rust Patrol
rust-patrol.com or 803-396-8400

Tool LightMagnetic LED Tool Light
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Lumax’s innovative Magnetic LED Light (LX-1436) can attach securely to most hand tools and is ideal for use on grease guns, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, ratchets and more. It lights-up dark work areas in seconds. The strong magnets hold on to the tool securely during operation and will not fall off. The compact lightweight design, only weighing ¼ ounce, makes it easy to store and put in your toolbox.

lumax.com or 800-767-5656

Flexible CaulkFlexible Caulk
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The door shifts away from the brick, the window frame shifts away from the siding – homes are always moving. How about a product that will move with it? Enter: Big Stretch®, a caulk with powerful adhesion to many surfaces and great flexibility. It will twist, bend, compress, and stretch to handle all the movement your home will dish out.

sashco.com/products/big-stretch/ or 800-767-5656

Wrecking BarsGooseneck Wrecking Bars
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Mayhew’s Gooseneck Wrecking Bars are ideal in all aspects of demolition for pulling, prying and removing nails from hardwood without damaging the wood. The Gooseneck design provides extra leverage needed for heavy pulling, while the offset chisel end is great for prying apart pallets or 2 x 4s. Manufactured from high quality forged steel for strength and durability, the gooseneck bend also features nail-pulling slot. They are powder coated to help prevent rust, made in the USA and feature a lifetime warranty.

Mayhew Tools
mayhew.com or 800-872-0037

Head LampHead Lamp, Lantern and Flashlight Combo
(sponsored product)
Police Security® Flashlights has reinvent the Headlamp category with the new MORF L300.  It’s a headlamp with a removable magnetic flashlight that becomes a hanging lantern. When attached, the headlamp allows the user to work hands-free. When the head is detached, it becomes rechargeable, magnetic lantern with hooks, leaving a secondary light in the headlamp base. The user now has two light sources, no shadows–an unbeatable lighting experience for any project or outdoor activity.

Police Security
policesecurity.com or (866) 880-9297

Pet ShampooPet Shampoo
Spa Lavish Comfort Shampoo features the light, calming scents of lavender and oatmeal combined with moisturizing kiwi and essential oils for silky smooth skin and coat. It is made in the USA.

tropiclean.com or 800-542-7387


Dog Paw WaxDog Paw Wax
The health and condition of a dog’s paws are key to overall health; when cracked, blistered, or otherwise compromised, mobility is limited, making it difficult to get to food or eliminate waste. Musher’s Secret is a natural wax and oil-based product that includes Vitamin E and is designed to help protect paws from harsh environmental factors such as sand, hot pavements, snow and ice, and from man-made factors such as lawn chemicals and road salt.

Treadwell Pet Products
musherssecret.net or 860-345-4888

Shammy TowelShammy Towel
Humans know the joy of wrapping up in a fluffy towel after a shower, and pets can get that same joy while also drying fur in less time than a traditional towel. Made of microfiber chenille, the extended fibers have greater surface area to grab and hold onto moisture and debris, leaving behind a drier, cleaner pet. Other products in the line include door mats and pet beds.

Soggy Doggy Productions
soggydoggydoormat.com or bark@soggydoggydoormat.com

Dog Nail TrimmerDog Nail Trimmer
Safari® Professional Dog Nail Trimmers are stainless-steel, non-slip nail trimmers that can help keep pet nails at their optimal length. The cutting edge is designed to stay sharp for an extended period, and the safety guard and grip prevent slippage and over-trimming which can result in injury.

Coastal Pet Products
coastalpet.com or 800-321-0248

Lightweight LadderLightweight Ladder
When consumers asked for a lightweight ladder with the same features as their regular line, Little Giant developed the Velocity Series. Designed with faster setup and takedown capabilities, these ladders can be configured in a number of ways depending upon need, such as extension, staircase or even A-frame. They can also be separated for use as scaffolding trestles. The Velocity Ladder has a 300-pound capacity.

Little Giant Ladder Systems
littlegiantladder.com or 855-254-6266

Platform Step Stool
The World’s Greatest Work Platform Step Stool Three Step aluminum ladder from Cosco has a well-placed and sturdy tray that can hold paint cans or cleaning buckets and even has integrated slots to hold tools. The wider steps and top platform offer added stability, and the step stool folds and locks for easy transport and storage.

Cosco Products
coscoproducts.com/eng/ or 800-628-8321 

Ladder CartLadder Cart
TravelSmart® LadderKart is a two-in-one product from Conair featuring a handcart rated for up to 175 pounds, and a step ladder with a 250-pound capacity. It quickly converts from cart to ladder (or the reverse) in seconds, and folds into a compact unit for easy storage. 

conair.com or 800-326-6247



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