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Hot Products – March 3, 2021

Repair CaulkCrack Repair Caulk Tube
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3M™ High Strength Crack Repair makes repairs three times faster. The precision tip applies the fiber reinforced compound directly into surface cracks in both interior and exterior fills. It is ideal for drywall, ceilings, stucco and concrete fractures with no shrinking, cracking or sagging.


Arborcoat Exterior StainExterior Stain
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Benjamin Moore® ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain enhances the natural beauty of exterior wood surfaces while providing unmatched protection because of its resistance to weather damage. ARBORCOAT® is available in translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid opacities with a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Benjamin Moore

hole sawHole Saw
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The Disston Blu-Mol Xtreme QuickCore patented hole saw system has up to 10 times faster core ejection versus conventional hole saws. Never struggle again to remove stubborn cores. QuickCore was invented by a contractor for contractors. Simply pull the quick release sleeve, remove the hole saw and knock out the core.


wood screwsExterior Wood Screws
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Designed for use with pressure treated lumber, PowerPro Premium Exterior Wood Screws are engineered to drive 20 percent faster without pre-drilling using the Bore-Fast™ thread design. The star drive virtually eliminates stripping and cam-out. The “twist shank” feature prevents wood splitting, and the countersinking blades provide a secure, clean finish.

Hillman Group
hillmangroup.com or 855-421-8282

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Our dedication to innovation continues with our expansive product offering of fans. From desktop, tower and floor fan applications, to pedestal and even misting fans, Comfort-Aire has a fan product for you. Bring the comfort with you!  For all reasons, for all seasons – Comfort-Aire has a solution for you.


Lubricating OilLubricating Oil
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Customers tired of fighting rust? Recommend Rust Patrol®, Heavy Duty, 7 oz. aerosol can. Place our 12-pack countertop displays on the shelf or at the check out counter. Your customers will thank you! The new header is informative and highlights the things Rust Patrol® does best – Protects, Penetrates, Lubricates and Repels Water. Also available in Multi-Purpose & Lubricating Oil.

Rust Patrol

Plumber's MateTub Sealing Tool
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The Plungers’ Mate tool is a self-sealing tool for the bathroom tub. This patented tool frees the user’s hands to focus on the plunger. The user will no longer need to commit one hand to holding a rag against the overflow face plate. It creates a 100 percent seal. In the past, the only option for plumbers was a wet, dirty rag which they carry from job to job. This unique tool will allow anyone to easily seal the overflow plate to create a vacuum for efficient plumbing without the need for a rag. Sold per piece or with a Plunger Display!


chicken coopChicken Coop
Available in small (up to 5 chickens), medium (up to 10 chickens), and large (up to 15 chickens), these coops are built by Amish trained craftsmen and can be used in cold and hot climates because, unlike other options, the floor is raised off the ground. The coops are easily assembled in 30 minutes. Made in USA.

OverEZ Chicken Coop
overezchickencoop.com OR 855-333-3041

Ag MatAgricultural Mat
This ergonomic, non-vulcanized rubber mat for animals can relieve joint inflammation as well as reduce slips and falls. Made with no solvents or VOCs, the mat is safe for indoor use and will not curl. The mats are also easy to clean for hygienic conditions.

Rubber King by Dinoflex
dinoflex.com or 877-713-1899

log splitterLog Splitter
Made by Kabin, this splitter turns firewood into kindling quickly. Made from cast steel with an all-weather coating, the tool is durable and easily transportable. It also doubles as a carrier. Firewood can be split with just a rubber mallet.

Kabin by MasonTops Inc.
kabintool.com or hello@kabintool.com

The MitagatorProperty Maintenance Tool
The Mitagator™ fire mitigation and property maintenance tool removes up to 90 percent of needles, leaves, twigs, large branches and other ground debris and piles them up quickly. The tool is lightweight and strong. It also aerates soil as it clears debris and can clear rocks and weeds from garden beds. The Mitagator is Made in USA.

The Mitagator LLC
themitagator.com or 720-336-9698

Cleaning WipesCleaning Wipes
Available in a variety of sizes from travel packs to jobsite boxes, these heavy-duty cleaning wipes are made using a non-toxic, lemon oil formula that removes grease, tar, silicone, paint, adhesives, resin and grime. The soft wipes are designed to reach gaps in skin and surfaces for a thorough cleaning.

Donzee Enterprises Ltd.
donzee.com or info@donzee.com

Air CanditionerPersonal Cooling Device and Can Koozie
Users can keep their drinks and themselves cool with the AirCanditioner, a koozie that also serves as a personal cooling device. AirCanditioner circulates air around a pre-frozen core and blasts it at the user while keeping the drink in the koozie cold. The koozie is available in a variety of colors.

aircanditioner.com or team@aircanditioner.com

Bungee StrapAdjustable Bungee Strap
From The Perfect Bungee, this universal strap features two nylon hooks that are glass reinforced to protect surfaces. This bungee stretches to two times their original length. The cord is available in black, blue, red and orange. Adjustable Bungee Strap is Made in USA.

The Perfect Bungee
theperfectbungee.com or 908-329-9136

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