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Pros and Cons of Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Once popular, solar water heaters are now often passed over for less expensive whole-house solar panel systems as the costs drop. According to a recent Department of Energy study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley Labs, the average-sized residential solar power system …

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Find New Products Here

national hardware show

One of the more popular sections at the National Hardware Show is New Product World, a showcase of products that are just being released to market or being launched during the show. In New Product World, NHS visitors can interact …

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Hot Products – Mar. 18, 2020

Hot Products Hub

Active Enzyme Caulk (sponsored product) Cleanz is an active enzyme caulk formulated to stop mold before it grows. The active enzymes in Cleanz break down mold-feeding oils, keeping your caulk clean without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. It is suitable for …

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Step into the Wild

Natural Landscaping

While most homeowners strive for pristine, golf course-like yards, there is a push to create more natural and wildlife-friendly landscapes in order to conserve natural resources and to encourage endangered or threatened wildlife, such as bees, butterflies and other native …

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Still Trending: Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

Are backyard chickens still on trend? The short answer is, yes. According to a 2013 U.S. Department of Agriculture survey, over 13 million U.S. households (spread evenly in urban, suburban and rural locations) planned to have backyard chickens by 2018. …

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Hot Products – Mar. 4, 2020

Hot Products Hub

Flush Lever (sponsored product) Fluidmaster Perfect Fit™ Toilet Tank Levers offer stylish, adjustable, easy-to-install tank levers any designer would envy. The ratchet feature allows the homeowner to simply adjust the lever to any tank position—including the right-hand side. Fluidmaster 949-728-2000 …

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Put Your Best Game Face Forward


Tailgating is a multibillion dollar pastime, with pregame gatherings held at everything from high school rivalry games to blockbuster professional sports competitions. And, these gatherings aren’t just about good times and good food; tailgating can be in itself a huge …

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3 Home Hidey Holes for DIYers

Hidey Hole

Hidden storage for valuables or other items doesn’t have to be limited to the wall safe behind Great Uncle Alfred’s portrait. The array of hidden storage ideas ranges from slide-outs in furniture pieces and pop-out panels in cabinets or trim, …

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