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Hot Products – February 17, 2021

Weed KillerWeed and Grass Killer Concentrate
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KleenUp® High-Efficiency is formulated to kill weeds, grasses, & brush in hours. Provides contact control and kills to the root so weeds don’t grow back. High efficiency formula, one gallon of finished spray treats 1,000 sq. ft.


Outdoor CameraOutdoor Camera Starter Bundle
The IP65 is weather-resistant and battery-powered so it can be mounted to the side of a home or in trees. The batteries normally last three to six months. The 1080P Full HD has night vision with 25 feet of yard illumination. The PIR (passive infrared) motion detection can capture people and animals with 12 second video recordings saved to the Cloud. The base station can connect up to four cameras and all video streams can be viewed in the Wyze app. The Wyze Cam Outdoor’s built-in speaker and microphone also allow two-way audio.

Wyze Labs

Doorbell CameraSmart Video Doorbell Camera
Selected by PC Magazine as an Editor’s Choice, the Remo+ RemoBellS smart video doorbell camera uses existing wiring and features HD video, customizable motion zones, two-way talk, infrared night vision, and on-demand streaming.

remoplus.co or 888-985-1849

Sous VideSous Vide Immersion Circulator
Sous vide cooking has grown in popularity. The newly updated Anova Precision Cooker heats water faster and holds it precisely at the desired temperature. It also conveniently fits in a kitchen drawer for easy storage, attaches to user’s existing pots, and cooks bagged food with the controls on the appliance or with the Anova app. The new design of the Anova Precision Cooker has more power and improved connectivity. The Nova Culinary app includes recipes and can cook meals with the touch of a button.

Anova Culinary
anovaculinary.com or 855-421-8282

Pellet GrillPellet Grill
The Traeger Ironwood 650 grill can be controlled from anywhere using the Traeger app which also allows monitoring of pellet levels. The simple controls offer temperature control and a Super Smoke Mode for increasing flavor. The Traeger Ironwood 650 also comes with a built-in probe for monitoring internal temperatures of food and double side walls for maintaining temperatures and efficiency in cold weather.

Traeger Pellet Grills LLC
traegergrills.com or 800-872-3437

EcobeeSmart Thermostat with Voice Control
This Energy Star® certified device from Ecobee can save up to 23 percent on annual energy costs and has Alexa built in for calls, music, and other controls. The device comes with a smart sensor that allows more comfort control in important rooms. The Ecobee thermostat also has an app for control from smart devices. 

ecobee.com or 877-932-6233

Foam SealantMultipurpose Foam Sealant
DAPtex® Plus Multipurpose Foam Sealant fills and seals large cracks and gaps and will not over-expand. It is easy to mold and cleans up with water. DAPtex is for use in interior and exterior applications, including dryer vents, outlets, around plumbing, windows and doors. 

Dap Products, Inc.
dap.com or 888-327-8477

WeathersealRubber Self-Stick Weatherseal
From Frost King, this DIY weatherstrip foam seals medium-sized gaps around doors and windows to help reduce heat loss, prevent draughts, and reduce energy costs. It is 5/16 inches wide, ¼ inch thick and 17 feet long with a D profile. The self-sticking tape is made from EPDM cellular rubber foam that won’t harden, crack or freeze even at 40 degrees below zero.

Frost King

Elastomeric CaulkElastomeric Caulk
Sashco’s Big Stretch is a water-based, elastomeric caulk for use with windows, doors and siding. It doesn’t crack but rather stretches with normal expansion and contraction that happens in homes. It has strong adhesion and flexibility characteristics that allow it to bend, twist, compress and stretch. It is UV and weather resistant, paintable, and cleans up with water.

sashco.com or 800-767-5656

Acrylic Latex CaulkAcrylic Latex Adhesive Caulk
Phenoseal® Does It Clear® is water-based and designed for use in exterior and interior applications where an invisible seal is needed or desired. It is weatherproof and cleans up with water. It is mold and mildew resistant and won’t crack or discolor with age.  

phenoseal.com or 410-779-3265

Tiki Toss GameTiki Toss Game
The Americana Surf Deluxe Tiki Toss hook and ring game is a great activity for social distancing at backyard barbecues. With the addition of the Camp-Ready Straps or the Tailgate Suction Cups, the bamboo board can be set up anywhere.

Mellow Militia
playtikitoss.com or info@mellowmilitia.com

Meat ThermometerWireless Meat Thermometer
MEATER is a wireless meat thermometer. It features dual sensors to measure the internal temperature of food and the ambient temperature. Temperatures can be monitored from the app and cooks can receive alerts remotely with almost unlimited range using MEATER Cloud. The charger is made of wood to match any kitchen or outdoor décor and charges the MEATER probe up to 100 times using one AAA battery.


Hands-Free Door Opener
Designed so people can open doors with their feet instead of their hands, the StepHandle™ by 5th Axis provides a hands-free option for business’s workers and customers. StepHandle’s gripper teeth and raised lip provide traction without sticking in shoes’ treads. It is manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum and is available in several colors.

5th Axis

BreathIQKeychain Breathalyzer
The BreathIQ keychain is compact and convenient, fitting in pockets, purses, small compartments or in vehicle glove boxes. Each keychain holds one disposable alcohol tester. The tester crystal change color to blue to indicate the person being tested is over the limit. It is available in .04 percent BAC and .08 BAC, and .02 BAC and .05 BAC by special order. As alcohol impairs judgement, BreathIQ is not intended for self-testing.

breathiq.com or 800-876-9395

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