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Hot Products – December 16, 2020

TP1 Ladder PlatformStairs Ladder Platform
Designed to help users safely paint, hang decorations, change light bulbs and check smoke alarms, this system can be used as a working platform or a base for stepladders to make access to stairs and narrow hallways safer for climbing.


Cross Line Laser LevelSelf-Leveling Cross Line Laser
This laser works up to a range of 75 feet and has a bright green laser for visibility in well-lit conditions. It has 15+ hours of runtime.

Empire Level
empirelevel.com or 800-558-0722


Dust ExtractorCordless Dust Extractor
This newer dust extractor and vacuum from Makita is powered by two 18V LXT batteries for 36V of power and 65 minutes of continuous run time on low setting. It also comes with a cord for extended use. The HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of particulates.

Makita Tools
makitatools.com or 800-462-5482

Master Paint BrushPolyester/Nylon Paint Brush
From Bestt Liebco, the Master All Paints polyester/nylon blend brush is a reliable tool for all applications and uses. The fine tip offers good control for accurate cut-ins and smooth finishes. Available in 1 ½ inch to 3 inch widths.

Best Liebco
besttliebco.com or 800-547-0780

Paint TrayPaint Tray
Easy Tray is a multi-purpose paint tray from Shur-Line designed for single-hand use with a thumb hold that provides extra control. The paint tray works with edgers, mini rollers, and 7 inch paint pads.

shurline.com or 800-253-7856


Pocket JigPortable Jig
This portable, new product from Kreg® is designed to create pocket-hole joints for indoor and outdoor building projects and household repairs.Comes with an anti-slip base, material-thickness gauge, positive stops, and easy-set drill bit and stop collar. 

Kreg Tool
kregtool.com or 800-447-8638

Decorative Door GlassDecorative Door Glass
Western Reflections Affluent Door Glass is a new, modern door glass design that comes in ¾ view and full view designs with options for sidelites. The decorative door glass has a privacy rating of 4 and has two glass textures in the design.

Western Reflections
western-reflections.com or 800-507-8302

Bare Ground KlearwayAutomatic Driveway Deicing System
Bare Ground’s KlearWay Deicing System is designed to reduce slip and fall accidents on driveways and walkways. The product includes an oscillating driveway applicator, 50 feet of stainless-steel hose, 10 feet of pickup hose, and an AC Pump that comes with a smart switch for remotely programmed operation.

Bare Ground
bareground.com or 888-800-8356

Pocket Door frameSplit-Stud Pocket Door Frames
This easy-to-assemble, pocket door frame is designed for fast installation in standard 2×4 time framed stud walls sheeted with drywall. The frame can be adapted for use in thicker walls or cut down for smaller doors. Made in USA.

Johnson Hardware
johnsonhardware.com or 800-837-5664

Solar Panel Cleaning KitSolar Panel Cleaning Kit
The ProCurve® Solar Panel Cleaning Kit includes tool handles and extension poles, a 12-inch and 18-inch squeegee, an 18-inch and 22-inch wash bar and microfiber wash sleeves, an angle adaptor, cleaning brush and microfiber cleaning cloth. Made in USA.

Mr. LongArm
mrlongarm.com or 816-537-6777

3-in-1 Caulk Tool3-in-1 Caulk Tool
One end of this comfortable tool has a blade that pulls out the old caulk bead with a push or pull motion and the other end has three rounded tips to provide the appropriate caulk profile and then smooths the caulk bead.

Allway Tools
allwaytools.com or 718-792-3636

Ladder Stair RestLadder Stair Rest
Using a ladder in a stairwell can be next to impossible, until now. The Ladder-Aide by Ideal Security provides a level base for ladders to rest upon, adding a layer of safety for the user. With just a few simple steps, this product locks together for use. The original Ladder-Aide works with most Type 2 or 3 ladders, while the Pro version can accommodate Type 1 styles as well.

Ideal Security Inc.
idealinc.com or 800-361-2236

Digital LevelProgrammable Digital Level
This level from Johnson Level & Tool Mfg. Co. features pre-programmed ADA compliance, drainage, and roof pitch modes and can be customized to meet professionals needs. The LCD displays on the top and front are dual backlit for readability that inverts when taking overhead measurements.

Johnson Level
johnsonlevel.com or 888-953-8357

Extension LadderD-Rung Extension Ladder
This 24 foot extension ladder is constructed of non-conductive fiberglass, making it safer to use around electrical currents than other similar ladders. It has a 300-pound capacity and Twist-Proof® technology.

Werner Co.
wernerco.com or 888-523-3372

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