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Hot Products – August 4, 2021

electronic hearing protectorElectronic Hearing Protector
(sponsored product)

The 3M™ Pro-Protect Electronic Hearing Protector helps you stay aware of dangers on the jobsite. It helps protect you from hazardous noises, allows you to communicate in low noise environments and enhances your situational awareness. Bluetooth® Wireless Technology syncs with your mobile devices for phone calls and music. The Hearing Protector features canted ear cups and soft, conformable ear cushions for all-day comfort and has an NRR of 25dB.  


Hose-End House WashPest Control
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The REVENGE® 1-Gallon House Guard® Ready-To-Use pest control spray kills and controls invading pests for up to 18 months both inside and outside the home. It controls roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees, and its long-lasting, water-based formula is odorless and nonstaining.


plant foodWater Soluble Plant Food
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The Schultz Fast Acting Water Soluble Plant Food 10-54-10 now comes in a 5-pound size box. The plant food helps grow and support big, beautiful blooms and “feeds like nature” by dissolving nutrients and vital micronutrients evenly when it rains. Suitable for all flowering and fruiting plants.


vinyl repair patchClear Adhesive Repair Patch
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Vinyl Mender Clear Adhesive Repair Patches feature strong adhesive on one side and clear, flexible acrylic on the other. These versatile patches repair rips, tears, leaks and holes in vinyl, fabric, rubber and other waterproof materials. The patch instantly seals seams, tears and pinholes, stops rips from spreading and acts as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas, including auto and RV seats, non-porous fabrics, tents, awnings, tarps, rain gear, fishing waders and more.

Vinyl Mender

Grinding WheelGrinding Wheel
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The Norton Clipper Classic Multi-Material cutting and grinding wheel’s innovative technology eliminates the need for specialty abrasive products. The wheels cut and grind all types of materials—metal, stainless steel, masonry, ceramic, aluminum and more—and at the same time save you time and money. 

nortonsga.us/clipper or 1-800-551-4415

Silicone Sealant Display
(sponsored product)
Sturdy, compact and stand alone, the silicone corrugated display from TEKBOND features an assortment of TEKBOND’s most popular silicone caulking products for a wide range of applications, including kitchen and bath, all-purpose and window and door. The bright, attention-grabbing display has eye-level header cards and is designed to best show TEKBOND caulking and adhesive products in a compact footprint to minimize floor space with easy placement for quick turns.

nortonsga.us/tekbond or 800-982-0237

acrylic elastomeric sealantAcrylic Elastomeric Sealant
(sponsored product)
Big Stretch by Sashco is a high-performance durable sealant that won’t crack…it just stretches. This sealant is easy to use and tool, and features easy water clean-up with great workability and long-term pro-grade performance. It comes in 12 colors and clear.

sashco.com or 800-767-5656

makeup matMakeup Mat
The Matte is a portable, foldable makeup mat that turns your bathroom sink into a makeup counter. It fits over most standard-size bathroom sinks, measures 17.25 inches by 19.5 inches when unfolded and holds up to 2 pounds of makeup and accessories. The Matte is easy to take on the road, folding up to the size of a tablet. 

The Matte
thematte.com or info@thematte.com

mini tank water heaterMini Tank Water Heater
Available in four sizes, WaiWela Mini Tank Water Heaters reduce the time waiting for hot water. The tanks are 110 VAC, UL-approved and fit under the sink to provide instant hot water to that sink. The mini tank water heaters are a cost-effective alternative to recirculation and reduce water and energy waste waiting for hot water. 

waiwela.com or 800-605-6542 

gooseneck angled brushGoose Neck Angled Brush
Reach more while painting with the Richard 3-Inch Angular Goose Neck Brush. The brush is made of poly-nylon fibers great for latex and oil-based paints, and the angled filaments can be positioned as needed. The brush has a flexible soft grip handle for comfort and offers excellent paint pickup and coverage. 

hydestore.com or 888-211-8621

fire starterFire Starter
Lighting a grill or fireplace is fast, easy and safe with the Looft Lighter I. Using only superheated air, the Looft Lighter I lights charcoal, briquettes or logs in 60 seconds without gas, flame or lighter fluid. It can be used in grills, fireplaces, pizza ovens, fire pits and more, and the safety casing cools down seconds after use. The lighter comes with a 3-year warranty. 

looft.com or 855-905-6638

pool monitorPool Monitor
Manage your pool more effectively with the cFloat System, which monitors your pool’s water temperature, chemical makeup and water evaporation. The system also measures air temperature, air quality, humidity, atmospheric pressure and the amount of UV radiation present at any given time. The cFloat also works as a motion detector, sending an alert to your smartphone when unexpected motion in and around the pool is detected. 


bluetooth padlockBluetooth® Padlock
The Master Lock 4401DLH Bluetooth Padlock allows you to share access to the padlock with others through the Master Lock Vault Home App. The padlock can monitor access history and has backup access and battery jump if the battery dies while locked. It also comes with a 2-piece weather cover and easy-to-replace CR2 battery. 

Master Lock
masterlock.com or 800-464-2088

tub shroomBathtub Drain Strainer
Fitting inside the drain, the Shroom Co. Bathtub Drain Strainer collects hair and keeps it from clogging up your drain. When full, the drain strainer can be easily removed, wiped down and reinserted. The strainer fits any standard tub drain and catches hair without disrupting the flow of water. 

The Shroom Co.
tubshroom.com or 631-393-0986

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