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Handy Products for Home Gyms

During 2020, many states saw temporary shutdowns of gyms, yoga studios and other indoor recreational exercise spaces, forcing clients to either find ways to exercise outside, or to create at-home workout spaces, including taking over guest bedrooms, or carving out space in another area of their homes. While dedication to maintaining one’s well-being is admirable, having equipment in plain sight isn’t always appealing. 

There are a lot of not-so-décor friendly aspects about having a home gym, the primary being the visual of the equipment itself (the user might think their bright pink yoga mat is fun, but they also might not want it on display during their Zoom meetings); visual clutter is not only unattractive, but having items always out can lead to feelings of stress, and may manifest into mental and even physical health issues (as reported in these studies).  And there is also the issue of odor, and not the pleasant kind. If not properly cleaned, or if the area is not well ventilated, equipment can begin to carry odors that remain in the room beyond gym time.

How can consumers have a home gym and also live comfortably in their homes? Here are a few tips and products that retailers can pass along to help customers find the right balance:

  • Air Purifiers and Scent Diffusers: Air purifiers with activated charcoal pre-filters, like the Honeywell True HEPA Tower with Allergen Remover, and scent diffusers can help to keep rooms fresh and free from unsavory odors. Scent diffusers can range from passive reed-in-oil items, to candle-heated products, to plug-in or battery-operated devices.
  • Baskets and Bins: Decorative baskets and bins (like these medium storage bins by Honey Can Do can be used to store away smaller exercise equipment, and can either be left out as part of the room’s aesthetic, or be quickly stowed away in a cabinet or closet.
  • Furniture with Built-in Storage: These double-duty pieces can be perfect for smaller spaces. Storage ottomans, bench seating with baskets or even mirrors with integrated shelves and wardrobe storage, like the Sauder Mirrored Dressing Station can expand storage options without sacrificing space.

For homeowners with larger exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes, weight benches or other items; creativity and outside-the-box thinking can help get things out-of-sight. Free-standing privacy screens or room dividers, and maybe some well-placed potted plants, can obscure equipment and direct the eye elsewhere.

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