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Generate Add-On Sales in the Hunting Market

A lot of the people who like to roll up their sleeves in a do-it-yourself project are the same ones who like to suit up in camouflage and sit in a tree stand. Tapping into the hunting market is easy for a home improvement retailer, too. You don’t have to sell guns, but you can sell a lot of other items to this market, such as tree stands and the hardware to put them together, game calls, scents and salt licks.

All hunters also need clothing and footwear items; if they already come to you for work clothing, why not sell hunting ware, too? Plenty of retailers like you have already found big opportunities in this category, but to distinguish themselves from those discount and specialty stores in their areas, they use unique assortments and creative promotions.

For example, some retailers have become a licensing branch for hunting and fishing licenses. While this usually doesn’t make the store any money, it gets hunters in the store and offers an opportunity for add-on sales. Also, the Department of Natural Resources is also usually very eager to speak to groups about hunting rules and regulations, so consider inviting them to hold a preseason workshop in your store.

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