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Mother and Daughter Gardening

Gardening Trends Your Customers Can Grow With

Gardening has gone mainstream in recent years with people of all ages and interests getting their hands dirty in the garden. This year, three main trends are emerging; highlight these trends for your customers and stock the following products to help them join the gardening craze. 

Cutting Garden

Ideal for anyone who loves fresh flowers, a cutting garden allows them to have pretty cut flowers anytime. Cutting gardens don’t need a lot of space and can be done in containers or in existing flower beds between the other plants. Some popular flower options for cutting gardens include dahlias, lavender, hellebores, mint, scented geraniums, peonies and yarrow. 

Products to sell for cutting gardens:

Fiskars Multipurpose Garden Snips
Magid BE288T Brushed Goat Garden Glove
GREEN MOUNT Sprayer Wand With 8 Watering Patterns 

Cottage Garden

Also great for smaller spaces, cottage gardens have moved from Victorian times to modern times. Cottage gardens include a variety of different types of flowers and plants, all placed in a  small area for a blast of color and amazing fragrances. Popular flowers for cottage gardens include roses, flowering vines, 

Products for cottage gardens: 

NISAKU NJP650 The Original HORI HORI NAMIBAGATA Japanese Stainless Steel Weeding Knife
Pure Garden Garden Tool and Tote Set
Vertex Garden Rocker

Kids Gardens

Let the kids play in the dirt too in a kids garden that allows them to see where the food they eat comes from and encourages them to try new fruits and vegetables. Kids gardens can include plants and flowers that attract bees, butterflies and other bugs so kids can get an up close look at wildlife. Be sure to highlight easy-to-grow vegetables and plants as well. 

Products for kids gardens:

Green Tools Kids Watering Can
True Temper Poly Kids Wheelbarrow
Buzzy Seeds Assorted Mini Terracotta Grow Kit 12pk – Classic Collection

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