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Easy-to-Store Products

Some products are necessary for a well-managed household, but sometimes those products take up more space than is available, leaving users frustrated when trying to store them. Read on to learn about a variety of products to offer that can help consumers manage their home while maintaining the space they need to live. 

Fold Flat: Every household needs a step ladder. The Three Step Folding Step Stool with Rubber Hand Grip from Cosco is a lightweight step ladder with a 250 pound weight capacity and the ability to fold flat, making it easy to hang on the back of a closet door or slide between the wall and the refrigerator. Cosco also makes the Stylaire Counter Chair with step, a counter-height chair with integrated, pull-out steps that easily stow away when not needed, a bonus for consumers looking for a dual-purpose product. 

Collapsible: Step stools aren’t the only fold flat products consumers might be in the market for. Many common household items such as collapsible laundry baskets, flat-folding cheese graters and colanders and even rolling outdoor and utility carts have been designed with storing them in mind. For a list of collapsible items, check out this collection of collapsible kitchen tools

Nesting: Nesting items are also great space savers. Joseph Joseph offers several everyday items including nesting bowls, nesting utensils, and cutting boards. For a list of other nesting items, see this article from thekitchn.com

Easy-to-store products not only work well for standard households, but are incredibly handy for apartment dwellers, tiny home residents and college students.

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